Nicki Minaj Pulls Out Of Hot 97 Summer Jam

Let’s talk about controversy!

Nicki Minaj was scheduled to Headline at Hot97’s Summer Jam in New York yesterday. Her fans put all their pennies together to come see her, just to find out she won’t be performing.

Here’s what all went down…

One of the DJ’s for Hot 97 which was hosting the event, Peter Rosenberg, reportedly said the warm-up performances (Kendrick Lamar, Big KRIT, A$AP Rocky etc.)  featured “real hip hop” and fans shouldn’t expect to hear any “Starships.”

That comment was a clearly a diss to Nicki Minaj’s pop hit “Starships” single. Well, Young Money’s leader Lil Wayne wasn’t happy about that comment and immediately took to twitter to address the situation.

“Young Money ain’t doing Summer Jam.”- Lil Wayne.

Nicki Minaj then followed suit:

“Wow. U n—– just f—– up history. But the President has spoken, I go above and beyond for my fans. But won’t ever go against Wayne’s word. What he says, goes,” – Nicki Minaj.

These children are acting like complete fools & not professional musicians. Nicki Minaj, you are like 29 years old, you should have learned way back when that when someone says something bad about you, you move on, you go on and perform for all of your fans that paid to see you & show them that “Starships” isn’t a whack song. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you and HOW DARE YOU. I HAVE NEVER YELLED AT A GIRL LIKE THIS.

Although this controversy upset many at the concert, fans still enjoyed performances from Rick RossYoung JeezyJ. Cole and T.I. There was even a surprise performance from Nas & Lauryn Hill.




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