Open Discussion: How Far Is Too Far When Disciplining Your Child?

Recently Mega Church Pastor Creflo “Mo Money” Dollar was arrested for “disciplining” his 15 year old daughter. More on that story here.

Dollar yesterday addressed his sheep and said “the allegations made in a police report are nothing but “exaggeration and sensationalism.”

He then went on to further deny the allegations of him choking, throwing, body slamming, kicking, & hitting his teenage daughter with a shoe.

“The truth is she was not choked, she was not punched. There were not any scratches on her neck,” Dollar said. “But the only thing on her neck was a prior skin abrasion from eczema. Anything else is exaggeration and sensationalism.”


This all leads to today’s Open Discussion. How far is too far when physically disciplining your kids? Also, at what age should you stop physically disciplining your kids?



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