Recap: Brandy Performs In Washington, DC.

Fans of Brandy Norwood were treated to an exclusive concert last night at the legendary Howard Theatre in Washington, DC, courtesy of WKYS.

I was present, so i’m going to give you a very detailed recap of the entire night!

I walk into the theatre and hand the usher my ticket. She asks “would you like a table or do you want to stand”, I told her standing would be fine and she told me to go ahead to the stage. I get to the stage and i’m literally at the stage, i’m touching the stage, nobody’s in front of me but a floor monitor speaker.

DJ Quicksilva from WKYS (who also often DJs for BET’s 106 & Park) was getting the night started by playing all the good hits & telling everyone to take advantage of the bar until the show starts at 7:30pm. I needed to charge my phone so I sent him a tweet and asked him, but he clearly ignored it. Oh well. Anyways I went up to the bar area (which was really nice) and asked the bartender for a Sprite, she says “that’s all?”, i’m like “yes”. Clearly they weren’t checking for ID’s, so if I did want to be grown, i could. I grabbed my Sprite and made my way back to the stage. It’s finally time for the show to start!

Q Parker from 112 was the one who opened the show with an 11 song set. Nobody really knew who he was including myself, but he really did have a good voice. None of the songs he performed were memorable. He did sing Beyonce’s 1+1, I wasn’t really there for that but Q is very talented. He then pulled two ladies on stage and sang to them, taking his shirt off and everything, handing them roses. He then went on to sing his final song called “Yes” which is his latest single. During his performance, many in the audience started to scream “BRANDY”, which i thought was really rude but hey, that’s who we came to see.

Long story short, the curtain goes down as they prepare to bring out the lady of the hour. Few minutes pass by and then they say it’s time for brandy!

Moesha came out wearing this blue-ish/purple-ish outfit with black studded boots. She had the best lace front wig I’ve ever seen in my life. She opened the show with Full Moon. It was amazing! Her stage presence is EVERYTHING!

During that performance I reached out & Brandy shook my hand. Listen… Y’all don’t even understand, she touched me. I died. This is my ghost typing the rest of this review.

The “Vocal Bible” then went on to perform hits such as “Best Friend”, “I Wanna Be Down”, “Almost Doesn’t Count”, “The Boy Is Mine” & “Right Here (Departed)”.

Brandy also performed her latest single “Put It Down” for the very first time. Of course i recorded it…

I’ve never ever in my life seen Brandy dance and  perform like that. It was just amazing from start to finish.  Moesha revealed that the video for “Put It Down” is going to be released in a week and a half. She also revealed that her new album “Two Eleven” has a release date of October 2nd.

This was my very first concert & I was really excited. Brandy gave 100 percent. I still haven’t washed the hand that Brandy touched. This was really the highlight of my summer! Big thanks to WKYS for giving me tickets. Big thanks to the bartender who gave me a free Sprite. And a shout out to Brandy once again, It was great.


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