Usher Wants To Continue Custody Battle Against Tameka

Just days after Tameka Raymond had to bury her 11 year old son, Her ex husband Usher already wants to move forward with the custody battle of her two young children.

Also during Usher’s brief appearance at Kile’s funeral, He didn’t even speak to the family to offer condolences.



We feel like the only reason he came at all is because the media kept portraying Kile as “Usher’s stepson.”

He wasn’t supportive to the family at all and we feel he used the situation to draw sympathy from his fans.

The sad thing about this entire situation is that Tameka swallowed her pride and actually reached out to Usher while Kile was hospitalized.

She could never get him on the phone so she left a message begging him to help her with some of the expenses her insurance wouldn’t cover.

He never returned her calls and when Kile passed away Tameka reached out to him again and he still hasn’t responded to this day.

I never really liked Tameka from the beginning, but you can’t help but be on her side after the events that took place last month. Oh, and Usher… As much as he may not like Tameka, I think he should just leave the case alone. I can’t even imagine the pain she’s going through.

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