Sheree Whitfield Finally Launches ‘She By Sheree’

Sheree Whitfield (formerly of the Real Housewives of Atlanta) has been working on She By Sheree for quite some time now. Even longer than her her “Neverland” Chateau Sheree dream house that’s still not completed.

But now the reality tv star is finally readying her clothing line, well sort of. The Atlanta socialite is launching an online boutique with Kitsy Lane.

Sheree Tweet Hustlin Backwards: Sheree Whitfields Finally Drops She by Sheree....

Kitsy Lane Boutique Owners earn money on their own time selling stylish jewelry they hand-pick. It takes just minutes – and there’s no inventory to buy. As a Boutique Owner you’ll:

Customize your own online boutique.
Curate your selections from top trends in jewelry and accessories.
Share with your friends and beyond.
Make money using our online social marketing platform.

So it’s not exactly her clothing line, she just picks and chooses other designers fashions that she can sell to get paid from.

Congratulations Sheree!





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