Tameka Raymond Loses Custody Battle Against Usher

Oh, gosh. I hate to have to cover this story. First of all, let me say that i am Team Tameka. I feel it’s wrong that after the death of her oldest son, Usher would try to take her other two kids away from her. Usher is so evil.

Official documents have not been released, but courtroom sources say that the judge has granted Usher custody of her two kids. This decision ends the drawn out battle between the spouses who divorced in 2009 with less than two years into their marriage.

Foster, who was fighting to retain joint custody and have her monthly support payments increased, had claimed that R&B singer was too busy traveling to care for the children. Usher’s lawyers said earlier this month that Foster was “incapable of being a proper parent to the boys, adding that she “does not have the emotional stability to or capacity to bond with them, and therefore she is handicapped.” via – Huffington Post

I’m sure this wont be the end of this. We’re gonna have to wait & see how this all unfolds.



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