Beyonce’s Gold Love On Top Tuxedo Will Be Sold For Charity

Here’s your chance to own a tuxedo worn by the Glorious Honey Butter Cream Creole Lacefront Diva Extraordinaire!!

The gold silk tuxedo suit Beyoncé wore in her “Love on Top” video will be on sale at the Park Avenue Garage charitable event in Chelsea NY this weekend. Park Avenue Garage will sell gently used or new goods from Manhattan’s stylish including Anne Caruso and Chynna Phillips. Bey’s suit, donated by the designer, will sell for $750, compared to its original $5,600 price tag. A $3,000 Dolce & Gabbana dress donated by Patricia Clarkson will be offered for $500. The event is open to the public Friday and Saturday after a VIP opening party tomorrow, with proceeds benefiting New Yorkers for Children.

$750 is way too reasonable to me. Seems like they could easily sell this to her loyal fans for thousands. Anyways, Stans should expect to arrive super early as this tux is expected to sell fast.



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