Deitrick Haddon ENGAGED + He Reveals His Secret Baby (Photos)

Deitrick new family


Gospel artist Deitrick Haddon as you know is divorced from his wife Damita, which we found out about their breakup via Twitter some months ago. [[ Read – Deitrick & Damita Haddon Divorced ]]

Now the “He’s Able” singer has announced via Facebook that he’s engaged! We don’t know much about the woman he’s engaged to, but according to sources, she’s younger than Damita & is also the mother of Deitrick’s new baby.

When I remember that tomorrow is Monday.


Deitrick went on Instagram & uploaded a picture of his daughter Destin Monet Haddon. He also posted a caption, where he explains why he kept Destin “secret”…

I said a few days ago that i could write a best seller on 2012 alone & i think i will!!! 2012 wasn’t the worst year of my life because 2011 beat it out hands down. In 2012 i began to see God move in my world like i’ve never seen in my entire life… I can say 2012 was the most challenging year @ the same time the greatest year of my life because in the midst of all the darkness & depression that seemed to have no end God sent an angel to give me hope in the form of my baby girl.. YEs she was born out of wedlock which is absolutely wrong for a man in my shoes….but i must say that If it wasn’t for that child & her mother the negative headlines about Deitrick Haddon would have been more devastating than anything!!! The enemies agenda in 2012 wasn’t to give me a bad name but he wanted to take me out. That’s when i realized if the enemy is trying this hard to stop me God has something serious that he wants me to accomplish; so i fought hard physically & spiritually!!! God has delivered me in many ways this year.. He walked me through the storm, chastised me but never once judged me, but instead he forgave me,restored me & somehow gave me the strength to continue to sing his gospel when i said i wouldn’t do it because i felt unworthy! My new year’s focus is to leave all the negative energy behind, own my mistakes, but do not allow it to hinder my future!!! By doing so I will stay true to the call on my life but do it with more fire, passion, humility & love than i’ve ever done it before.In addition, be the best father to my beautiful daughter and be the great husband i know i can be to my future wife & Give God all Glory! Goodbye 2012 & hello 2013 Leeeeeggggooooo (Disclaimer: This post is not up for discussion and I ask that you keep all negative comments to yourselves.) This is the last this will ever be addressed because i’m moving 4ward in 2013 in Jesus name!!


So now we know the real reason him & Damita divorced. Ah man, let me go to my prayer closet cause this is too much.


66 thoughts on “Deitrick Haddon ENGAGED + He Reveals His Secret Baby (Photos)

  1. I’ve seen this story on 3 different sites. Each gives the impression that this dude was divorced and THEN he had this baby. Dude couldn’t have been divorced when this baby was conceived. Then he says God bless him with an woman and child…in an adulterous affair???? So God “Blessed” me with drugs and alcohol? God “Blessed” me with prison? God The way this New Age Religion is going, the churches will be near empty by 2050!

    • My, it is a shame what is going on in the body of Christ. Could you imagine if my heart is grieved about all this, just imagine how God is grieved with his people. This brother is so deceived, and have the nerves to say that God blessed him with a woman and child. Please be reminded that in the last days, the spirit of deception will take over the land. Please make sure you are rooted in Christ. This brother needs some serious deliverance.

    • @Jereal Actually, when people start to think that this stuff is not so bad and that this is how God blesses people, the churches will fill up. If being rewarded for sin is how God works, people will sign up in droves. I’ve seen it.

      • God can bless a situation. Only God knows His heart…and all we should do is pray for the situation and better future decisions on all parties involved. Regardless of the mistakes we make as humans, if we come to God with a clean heart He can still bless a situation. Look at David and Bathsheba…David took another man’s wife, got her pregnant, and had him killed on the battlefield. At the end of the day God still blessed David…but before then David still dealt with the heaviness of his own guilt. God still brought David through and I pray the same for Deitrick. No we should never cheer on our brothers and sisters in wrongdoings, but we should not condemn them either. That’s where we go wrong in the body of Christ. Think of what God would write about us if He took the approach we did when critiquing our own in Christ family. I pray everybody as a whole we all can press forward…learn and encourage.

      • @Brady — say it again!!!! I agree. While I am not encouraging sin and rebellion, I am not judge or redeemer. God forgives and issues grace daily. I pray for all involved in this messy situation. I too cry out and pray for the body of Christ (i.e. church) for we are in trouble and this new age has us rebelling against God on holy ground. smh We need not only a revival but some REAL soldiers to stand tall and not just ‘talk the Word’ but truly LIVE IT. smh

    • You people are so judgmental with your comments. Who are you to judge or try to condemn this man? He is human just as we all are. Haven’t you all heard the saying ONLY GOD can judge man!!! That’s what’s wrong with Christians today, you hold all these gospel artist and celebrities on such a high pedal stool and worship them so much, that when they do actually make a humanly (man) mistake you all are the first to bash these people. Remember there is a first nature and second nature. He only acted in his first man nature; he was not in his spiritual nature at all. Also get your facts together, Damita had an affair on him and this is most likely one of the many things that lead to his road of infidelity. We do not know what took place in these individuals marriage, because we are just part of the world looking in from the outside. Yes he was wrong for his affair and having a child out of wedlock while proclaiming to be a man of God, but he has asked God to forgive him and God’s forgiveness is the only forgiveness that matters. Even if the world does not forgive him, and he never has that prominent image that he once upheld, as long as he has tied his sins with the Lord he will still make it to heaven. So people get your Life together, live for yourselves and stop living for the next man. God Bless in 2013!!

      • I totally agree. I’ve been hit w storm winds so fierce that I almost fell. I love God w all my heart and intercede for his people daily. I never would have thought in a million years that I’d be in that position. God held me up. Although, it could’ve easily gone the other way. I learned not to judge or condemn others as a result of that experience… but for the grace of God, there go I.

      • If Bro. Deitrick simply presents himself to God as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God…just as the scripture says…people will listen to what he has to say, because he will again display fruits of righteousness to the praise and glory of God. People must remember, the saints represent a holy God…not the president, so our lives must be blameless. Some Christians have not disciplined their flesh and learned to die to themselves and that is why we fall and see so many other saved folk falling into sins agaist their body. We represent Christ period! Let’s not forget that! The kingdom of heaven is suffering violence and we Believers rejoice when a fallen soldier is restored, so that they can get back into the fight to win souls to Christ. We NEED fully equipped soldiers who are fully armed for battle, and these watered-down folk who don’t know how to die to themselves and live a life surrendered to God are making it difficult for those of us who have learned how to live holy, and are out here telling people they must be born again because Jesus is coming! A shout and a praise is not going to keep you or get you into heaven! The only thing that will keep you is that you surrender fully to the will of God and abide in His word (by adhering to it) and letting his word reside within you. Then and only then will you be able to withstand the temptations to sin. I hope he comes through this stronger in his faith in God and in total obedience to God’s holy Word. He may have to suffer awhile like King David did. Who knows? But when God is FINISHED WORKING on Deitrick concerning this…that will be the day we see the power and anointing of God upon him like never before, and young people will be drawn to God because of that…NOT Deitrick and his talent! Let’s all grow in the grace and love of God, ’cause we’ve gotta get ready, be ready, and stay ready to meet Jesus when He comes!

    • I agree this is a horrible situation , not to be taken lightly but we are all flawed. I dont care who you are, Preacher, Bishop, Songster, or pastor if we slack in prayer and God’s word we will fall fast as a ton of bricks. The bible says take heed lest ye fall. Even in the Bible King david lusted, committed adultry,tried to cover it or conceal it, caused a man to get drunk, killed a man, But he was the apple of Gods eye, and God didnt hold his Past over him he blessed the union of the woman he had once committed adultry with and from that union came one of the wisest Kings in the bible. Lets show that unconditional love and pray for our brothers restoration and not judge so harshly but consider ourselves and ask the lord to help us die daily

      • You failed to state, however, that King David suffered greatly because of his sin and concealment of it. He and Bathsheba’s baby got sick and died, because of what David had done. And although David loved God, he also had a lot of personal and family problems: his son, Amnon, raped his half-sister Tamar; Tamar and her full-brother Absalom held a bitter grudge against Amnon, Absalom’s half-brother, for raping Tamar, and so had Amnon killed. This caused an estrangement between father and son for several years, but Absalom rebelled against his father, tried to overthrow the throne by declaring himself king, and raped his father’s concubines. He was eventually killed during battle by Joab, one of David’s chief officers. David’s son, Adonijah, tried to overthrow his throne when he’d become sick and bedridden, so his younger brother, Solomon, eventually had to have him killed. So, the point is…David paid a high personal cost, but it kept him in a position to sincerely pursue God. Whatever it takes, God will get what He wants out of us according to His divine will.

    • Actually he was already divorced.. though it was not final per say you’re implying that they were together which certainly is NOT the case. Damita had an affair … let her tell it .. instead of him taking the blame. I think sometimes we forget these people are human before they are gospel artists! Throw your stones wisely dear Christians…

  2. Wow my heart is grieved about this as well. So they divorced because of his infidelity and love child…and she looks similar to his first wife damita…i knew he was going off the borderline when he came out with that 2nd movie..and that church on the moon album.just since 2010 his image–and how he represents the gospel has been lukewarm to me…..pray for restoration & deliverance…because you can not preaach or minister the gospel while …your not in line with God’s word. PEOPLE OF GOD please be an example…follow Jesus our righteous leader… can you marry someone so fast….with a yr after divorcing some1 of 15yrs?…..he acts like theres nothing wrong with the way he’s living….and probably still shacking with this woman…….were not saying we dont love you as the body of christ mr. haddon…but you need to SIT DOWN….
    Don’t be misled–you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Galations 6:7…..Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 1coritnians 15:33

  3. Im tired of all this dont judge me crap….as children of God we tell the truth in love…..doesn’t matter if we offend on another….You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”” John 8:32….Job 34:4… Let us choose to us judgment: let us know among ourselves what is good. seee God word tells us to judge not to condemn but to judge in love….

    • Preach! …thank God SUM ppl still have their spiritual heads screwed on tight. so many ppl (mostly youth i assume -__-) are encouraging and supporting him in his mess…like ‘grace’ removes the transgression. he need to sit DOWN! Ephesians 4:1

      • It sounds to me like he’s repented. He’s admitting his wrong. He also mentioned that God chastined Him. If God has chastined, healed & restored… who are we to come behind the Almighty. Remember the measure in which we judge others will be the same measuring rod used to judge you. Inspect his fruit… Yes. Judge the man… No.

      • I remember the days when if you sinned and carried a position in the church, you either were sat down or chose to sit down until God said otherwise. Nowadays, people sin and Continue on doing whatever God called them to do. Gospel singers, just like preachers, pastors, ministers, etc, are in a public pulpit and if they fall and go on like nothing happened, they could cause a multitude of people to fall away. We are servants for God’s people and if we don’t set a godly example as Christ set for us. Let’s pray much for him and those involved in his life. Let’s also pray for those that follow him.

  4. I sure enough hope he was forced to step down as pastor at his church. He needs an Ambassador/Da’ Truth chin check! I knew something wasn’t right when he started making crappy movies. Nice “Santa aka Satan” photo btw. SMH

  5. Listen people are people and God is God. only he can judge Mr. Hadden. We have all made mistakes in our lives. those that are commenting surely has made several mistakes in your life. God will be God, whats happening now has happen even in the bible days. wake up people and trust God not man.

    • No…no quite true. God judges the world…the church has the right to judge church members (1 Cor chapter 5) not for the purpose of hurting them but for the purpose that they might me saved. Yes, the church should sit him down if they have not already.

  6. When I heard of this news, it really saddened me. I don’t know Deitrick and Damita personally but I love their music and what they were doing in the ministry. To find out that he cheated was devasting because I held him in such high esteem. I pray for those of us who claim Christ as our Lord and Savior and make conscience decisions to sin. I know we, as humans, are not perfect and that Jesus Christ is our advocate. It tells us to forgive each other too. I’m glad to hear that Deitrick repented and pray that woman will to. I can only assume that Deitrick and Damita divorced because he cheated, but if God forgives we must forgive to. Who are we to judge, I’m sure we’ve all fallen at some point or another. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree or support sin, I’m just being real. It’s only by the grace of God that we are who we are. I praying for for all involved Deitrick and Damita, the women and the child. All of their lives have been affected and I pray for restortation and healing for all involved.

    • No more music for me. When you are in CHRIST you are a new creature, not an old one. My heart goes out to Damita. “Touch not GOD’s anointed”. Saul touched David and look what happened. Adulterous GOD will judge. GOD’s commandment” Do Not Commit Adultery.”

  7. To whom much is given much is required. God’s grace is sufficient and he does forgive but just like David sinned against God with Bathsheba, when he murdered her husband indirectly, he yet had to pay the consequence for his sin. Remember how murder rape , and lust was in the family as a result of David’s choices. I know God forgives but you still reap what you sow. So remember there is ALWAYS a consequence for sin.

  8. Damita had multiple miscarriages and instead of Deitrick being by her side he went off and had a baby with some other woman and is going to marry her after being married to Damita for 12 years that is just sad…I know we are not supposed to judge but come on his actions are definitly starting to effect his ministry he is just getting more and more wordly to me

  9. Why do we that call ourselves “Christians” exemplify everything except Christ like attributes? It is NOT our place to judge this man or any other person that makes a mistake, but, it IS our responsibility to prayer for him/them. Was he wrong for his actions YES but God is a forgiving God and if we are sincere in asking for his forgiveness the Bible says that, HE IS FAITHFUL AND JUST TO FORGIVE US FROM ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS! So if there are ANY without sin cast the first stone……….yeah I see you putting your stones down. Lets learn to ALWAYS speak truth but can we learn to do it like Jesus did it….. WITH LOVE!!!!!!

  10. It is really interesting to hear people’s comments relative to other people’s mistakes. When I read Mr Haddon’s comments I didn’t feel that he was ludicrous or nefarious but just plain and simple-he made a mistake and God (like he has done so many times in my life) turned it around. I hope and pray that he learned “the lesson” and will work overtime to not repeat the same mistakes. Remember: Pioty and self righteousness don’t have a place in the king dome either. Let us band together to pray more and judge less. Happy 2013 to all of you.

    • Amen. Prayer is definitely essential. We should not judge because just as sure as this incident happened to Mr. Haddon it can happen and has happened to others. As a child of God it is our job to intercede. God has already told us that if my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray, then will we hear from heaven. Lets do like Hezikah Walker’s song rings o well, “I prayed for, you prayed for me, we’re all a part of God’s body; you are important to me, I need you to survive”!

    • No one should condemn or judge a person’s heart about whether they have truly repented, have been forgiven, or is going to heaven. However, we CAN judge a person’s actions and the things they say. There is not a person here who has not made a mistake or willingly sinned at one time or another in their lives. I’m not saying that all of us have committed adultry or fornicated…I’m saying we’ve all sinned and come short of the glory of God. But with that said, it doesn’t mean that righteous judgment should be extinguished from the Church! We can judge actions and conversations, which is why we should be careful about what we do and what and how we say something. What we say and what we do can cause harm to others…especially the weak and the lost. Therefore, the Church should NEVER be silent when it comes to sin within the Body of Christ. Now, this man has acknowledged that he’s repented to God and, I assume, his church. What we should be doing is using our energy and time to truly pray for him, because it’s obvious by some of what he said in the above story that he has some spiritual understanding to gain along with some maturity. But…aren’t we all still learning and growing? Take a look in the mirror people. God ain’t through with any of us yet.

  11. Ok first thing is that if you check your info, then you know Damita had cheated first wih Isaac Caree no less, he seperated from her and filed for divorce. He suffered from depression almost killed himself and met a young lady. Slipped up sinned and as a resukt she got pregnant. The divorce was pending already. He made a mistake much like the same lyin religious folks on this article throwing stones from glass houses and have no idea what they speak of. Vain repeatitive RELIGIOUSITY. God forgave him.. Should he die in his depression, should he never sing again? When he says God blessed him i believe it. Is that not grace? Or should God not give him the same grace most of YOU already received? All things work together for the good of them who love him and are called according to HIS purpose

  12. Know what. For all you stupid muthafuckas info damita cheated on him with issac carree and thats why they not together u dumb ass bitches. When she did that it destroyed him. He tried suicide twice. No it dont excuse him for what he did but we all have our human moments. Yall talking shit and dont know what the fuck yall talking bout. Stupid Bitches

  13. everyone is coming down on mr. haddon, but if you read the prior article he said isaac caree committed adultrey with his wife damita, that’s why all this happened and we are not god to judge him,damita,or the lady i just pray that this doesn’t or haven’t caused damage tothe members in his church or the youth, because they look at this and say i don’t ever want to be married and then it causes that lesbian spirit to attach itself to them because there vulnerable, solets just pray that they all get it together before Jesus come back.

  14. Okay, honey boo boos I don’t think that he was saying God blessed him for doing something sinful. However, keeping in mind that God does turn bad into good and have read his other post, I believe he was saying something where shaking up in his marriage in which they separated. Now, remember, usually before someone can receive a divorce it takes a year because they have do counseling etc. Anyways, During the separation, he met someone who in encouraged, and supported him through his rough season. She later became the one he is now engaged to and has a daughter with. He also apologize and has the Lord to forgive him. At the end of the day, people have to stop putting so much emphasizes on these singers they are human too and the Lord has to work through them. How you think people relate or are moved by the songs they sing. When you’ve been through you can sing how you got through it. Anyway 1 Luv, I’m out!!

  15. The facts may be true, however I am certainly not sinless but covered by the Blood of Jesus. Just as Dietricks situation I preached,sang in the church,prayed for people and they were healed. Yet down through the years I fell from grace. I had children out of wedlock at that time even had a child with the then married father of my children. That made 3 children altogether but don’t forget that God’s spirit will love you back to Him and bring glory to His name. Life is a series of mistakes,let downs, no one truly knows the sacrafices that He (Dietrick) has made for Christ’s cause.We get tired and ,weak and tempted. We all do!!!!! Give it to Jesus, we are human!!!! Forgive him!!!! His mother and father came to Saginaw,Mi years ago and poured into my life in such a great measure. Never will I forget that!!!! Don’t forget that Dietrick poured into your life. He needs love not judgement!!! The sctriputre that helped me when I was on my way back to the Lord was this….. He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! Don’t judge!!!! anyone of you could fall, no one is exempt!!!!!

  16. I think we all need to PRAY for every one involved here. Why, because GOD has called us to do so. The devil’s job is to destroy. There are soo many people casting judgement not realizing that the lives a whole family, both church and private have been altered forever. The enemy is a liar. I don’t know about any one else, but today I lift each one of them up in prayer. I pray the LORD will heal and restore. I would just like to warn people not to let the enemy use them, why read about another man’s sin and let the devil deceive you into sinning by talking smack just because some of your sins have not been exposed.

  17. Really Deitrich? You expect that people will keep their comments to themselves? How audacious of you! So you do wrong and expect no lashback….. Just let you go on your own merry way huh? Don’t judge you…. I wonder what would happen if the tables were turned….

  18. I am a saved woman, married 3 years, and separated a year and a half. This man was an Elder, and yet, he abandoned me. He is living with the other woman, whom he met on his job…When a spouse commits adultery, it can be devastating. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in ministry or who you are; Devastation affects us in different ways. We are not invinsible. The pain of knowing that the one you committed your life to, has placed their affections upon someone else hurts. I honestly feel bad for Derrick Haddon. I feel for all of the parties involved, including Isaac Carree. Because once again, the enemy has destroyed another marriage. We are the BODY OF CHRIST, when will we be the example to a dying world. LET’S STOP LIVING LIKE THE WORLD! We go from one relationship to the next, not even allowing ourselves to heal, from the stuff we’ve been through in the previous one. Take it slow Deitrick, and allow yourself time to heal, and to hear the voice of the Lord before making yet another commitment. God Bless!

  19. Ds is seriously devastating.Honestly,i dont know how best to put this.I pray God will have mercy on everyone involved and all of us.But one thing we should have at the back of our minds as Children of God is that our home(family & marriage) is a ministry on its own,so when you fail in your home ministry how do you succeed in others

  20. Deitrick, has to understand that if you feed the flesh more than the spirit, the flesh will win evertime. It is a battle but when a child of God begins to mix in with the affairs of this world, then he begins to open the door for the enemy to attack. Yes, this sends a blow to the believers however we have to put all our trust in God not man because man/woman is not perfect only our God Jesus. Compare yourself to the True Living God and judge according to the word of God so when things like this occur we want be moved by it in the true church of God. Deitrick has to repent which means to turn from his wicked ways and turn to God wholeheartedly if he truly wants to change. Deliverance & Repentance is essentia to salvation, not just reconciling w/ a woman and child.

  21. I love the music of Deitrick. I’m a fan but the case is that in the NT you can’t just divorce your wife like that. However, if your spouse has committed adultery, you could divorce. That’s the only way one could divorce his wife/husband. I pray for more grace.

  22. Getting upset or angry about the choices other people make….we are called to pray for one another. We all have fallen short. Damita and Deitrick are both gifted and talented, and it’s heart breaking when any covenant marriage has been destroyed. I simply wish the best for each one of them. God is a God of reconciliation, and I am praying for reconciliation for all broken marriages. In Jesus Name.

  23. what are you guys b*tching about, have u seen how cute that baby is????! my goodness she just wipes the nasty out of all this situation. may she growup to love Jesus with her whole heart

    • Leave the baby out of this, please. We can only hope the consequences of her father’s actions don’t affect her in the future. I know plenty of adults born under those circumstances whose lives were drastically affected as they grew up…and yes…they’re good looking people, too.

  24. Normally I don’t reply or comment on sites but today I am going too comment like the sinner that I am should…I can do what ever i want too do because God will forgive me when I come too him and ask for it. You don’t know my relationship with God.. So i’ll sleep with your husband get pregnant by him let him divorce you! I’ll marry him and DON’T YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT ME ! I went too the Lord and he forgave me.
    I ‘m not trying too funny @ all …. but this is things that make me say hmmmmm

    • That only proves how little a person who thinks like that knows the Bible. It’s like someone saying to you: “I can mess all over you, hurt you, and disregard everything you say just as much as I want to because I know you’ll forgive me if I ask you to, because you love me, and I THINK we’ve got it like that.” My message to ANYONE who feels that way: “Don’t put God to a test by openly, willfully and so arrogantly rebelling against Him, and frustrating the grace of God. The next moment isn’t promised to anyone.” Anyone who thinks or acts like that should thank God for every breath they take in and breathe out. I pray that you will one day soon recognize the price Jesus paid for your sins, and repent, be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and be filled with His Spirit, so that you can live free and experience what it really means to be in a sonship relationship with Christ our Redeemer.


  26. This whole story is just messy. Just pray for everyone that was involved in this situation and let go and let Jesus handle the rest.

  27. Yes you just keep moving 4ward that’s the way to go
    anyway it’s not my business but thanks anyway lol
    i did even know about this until recently.

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