Deitrick Haddon “Comes Clean” About Divorce, Puts Isaac Carree ON BLAST

Isaac Deitrick

And the story continues. This time D Haddy is calling out Isaac Carree to come clean about his “Adultery” with Damita. Messy Love Triangle? Keep reading…

As i reported at the top of the month, Deitrick Haddon is a new father & he’s also engaged. [[ Read: Deitrick Haddon Engaged + He Reveals His Secret Baby ]]

Now D Haddy wants to set the record straight about his whole situation & he’s throwing Isaac Carree under the bus as well.

Deitrick posted the following on Facebook…

It does not feel good when people make comments saying that I left my wife for a younger woman and a baby!! It’s simply not the truth & the truth is recorded in heaven! Heaven keeps good records & i have no reason to lie!!! I met the young lady when i moved to L.A a broken mess & God used her to keep me from committing suicide twice!! I do admit that she did get pregnant before my divorce was final as my divorce carried on for over a year. However an abortion was not an option for me so I covered her & she covered me while we both repented of our sins & submit to spiritual leadership. As a sign of humility & accountability, I have not preached on any platform in any church for one year!! I’ve paid my penalty for my sin!!

However, I do expect Isaac Carree to stand up and be man enough to own his mistakes & give his fans the truth they deserve to know. I appreciate your new song ‘Clean this house”, you know I’ve always been a fan of yours since day one & I’ve never done anything to hurt you but you left one sin out of your song that would have set the record straight & solidified my healing process & that is adultery! I hate to see you walk in deception when it’s unnecessary. Yes I have forgiven you but I want to see you be the true man that God is calling for all us to be. The Gospel community & church has had enough deception. Let’s come clean in 2013. I forgive you & I love you bro but it’s time to be real.

For those that are small minded & will say that I may be jealous of Isaac. That is incorrect, I have always shown my support to him & I celebrate the gifts that God has blessed us with in the Kingdom. However, I have kept quiet & covered him for 2 years since I found out & it wasn’t easy to watch the man that broke up my home run around singing on stages as if he had done nothing devastating to a his fellow brother in the Gospel!!

Isaac the ball is in your court & no longer in mine. I sincerely wish you the best but it’s time for us to be real if we’re gonna spread this Gospel. Anything other than that is unnecessary hypocrisy!! I don’t need an apology but your fans deserve an apology for the damage that have been caused by your actions!!

I truly apologize for the damage all this has & will cause the Gospel community & the church. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be part of such foolishness but I’m determined to never bring this kind of shame to the body of Christ again!!

So Isaac slept with Damita? Listen!!! ….These folks are too messy for me.

Click Here  to read Isaac’s response.

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38 thoughts on “Deitrick Haddon “Comes Clean” About Divorce, Puts Isaac Carree ON BLAST

    • David erred and was still a a man after God’s own heart – Moses was a murderer and still used mightily of God – Abraham lied about Sarah being his wife and gave her to the king of another country out of fear – peter deneid Jesus three time – Paul (as Saul) persecuted the church and had many believers put to death. Yet God used them all. Young christian, don’t be discouraged by the day’s events – God has a plan for them and for you!

      • The most anyone can do for me right now is pray. I have never believed in divorce, however I am only a few hours away from divorce. I am almost 3 yrs into my marriage and recently felt the pain of infidelity and still dealing with the deception, trusts issues, and uncertainty. Learning of this story creates in a feeling in me that I can’t describe.

      • All that is true, but the Christian community should expect more of their leaders. I am not saying judge them, and of course we should forgive, but when we say that they are human and that God uses imperfect people, that is providing a “way out” and that should not be the norm. We all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, but these indiscretions have become a public hindrance to the cause of Christ. What is the “world” thinking about Christians right now? Why would anyone submit their lives to Christ if there wasn’t something new and different about living this life? llife?life.ThelifeBdescribChrisChrist

    • Lisa,
      I understand your hurt and confusion. However, love I want to say to you – seek the Lord in this hour like never before. Do not look to man, “Lift up your eyes to the hills from where your help comes from. Your help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.” ONLY God can give you the guidance that you need in this hour. I know it’s difficult to see people in ministry fall like this – however, you have to realize that they are human beings that God has given an anointing and a choice to just like you and me. These people messed up. They didn’t do a very good job of dealing with their private indiscretions publicly and that really sucks. BUT – NONE of this changes the fact that God is God. So if God is God serve God. If this brokenness is God then serve this Brokenness. I am just believing Lisa, that you, my sister, know that God is still on the throne.

      Further, cry out to the Lord for help. The word of God says that He is close to the brokenhearted and near those who are crushed in spirit. Does that describe you right now? Then know that God is for you. Also, in Zepheniah, the word says that God is singing and dancing all around us, even as we are unaware. You feel alone, confused, and hopeless right now – but God is rejoicing with singing and dancing all around you. There is a future hope for you and a great end. That’s the promise of the Lord.

      Finally, I want to say that worship is the warfare of the wise. As you seek the Lord, begin to tell Him that regardless of this brokenness He is still God. He is still on the throne. And He still has the final say. Know that your worship shifts the atmosphere and God is a God that wants to bring you THROUGH this situation. Take your eyes off of man. Put them on God. And trust Him to do what He said He would do. I will be praying for you. I want to share this song with you. I played it on repeat for months in 2011 when I struggled with depression and suicide for the first time in my life over a broken relationship. All that I have told you is tried and true. Trust me when I tell you that God is the kind of God that’s just waiting in the cut to see will you give Him the chance to heal, restore, deliver, transform, renew, and redeem. He wants to give you beauty in exchange for the ashes of this situation. I trust that to be true. I stand in agreement with you. Just keep living Love. You will see brighter days soon! <- Kari Jobe "You are For Me"

      Love you. Keep Living!


      • Thanks for the encouragement Ebony. The song definitely ministered to me. Its a struggle to pray and read my Bilble. But I will keep pushing.

    • To Lisa and everyone else, keep your eyes on CHRIST not on people (humans) that represent Christ. Humans make mistakes and fall down and that is why Christ came to die for our sins because He knew that man would never be perfect on this earth. These people all need our prayers and just because they are famous we should not put them on a pedestal, they sin!
      God forgives, we forgive and move on and try to be better and never let what what people do make us doubt God’s love for us or His sovereignty! Stay with God it’s the best life!

    • salvation is a personal business between you and God. dont look up to men but unto Jesus d author and finisher of our faith

    • Hi Lisa,

      Be encouraged. Continue to look to JESUS CHRIST who is the center of your salvation. Yes, it’s a mess on their part, but you can be the true christian to live for Jesus Christ on your part. It hurts to see others in Christ fall, but that’s a part of their humanity and Christ is able to pick them up again if they repent. However, DO NOT let another’s fall cause you to go in the pit of destruction as well. Remember, you want to hear Jesus Christ say to YOU, “Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord. Continue to look up because your redeemption draws near and Jesus is coming soon. This is no time to linger in others mess, but to cheer up and be blessed. Jesus Christ told Peter once, “Satan desires to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you and when you art converted strenghthen your brethren.” Pray for others and while you are praying ask Jesus to keep you from temptation. The Lord bless and keep you – don’t be discouraged, but ENCOURAGED because God is still God despite what others may do.

  1. Pain is pain, and God’s grace is sufficient. No condemnation, but love one another. They and we all need and have God’s grace and mercy. Start with the man in the mirror. Love ya, be blessed.

    • I love this. Thank you Deitrick for telling what you know and not being ashamed. People today are so politically correct but Bibically wrong.Thanks for putting the whole story out there. Thanks for even acknowledging your sin in this matter. To many times people have been left in the dark and assume they know whats going on but this is a great way to shut people up with the truth. I hate when people say one person is throwing another person under the bus when they are telling the truth. As the Older saints used to sing “Come Out Of That Corner Can’t Hide,…..can’t hide sinner can’t hide”.

  2. Well, this is a shame before God. My only question if you repented why are you exposing someone else. God”s Exposures comes with Grace and Mercy and Mans comes with hate,bitterness, malice and backbiting which put you right back where you were before.

    As a man of the clergy you are responsible for yourself and God will deal with the rest. Her wrong is no different then the wrong you have committed.

    One thing I’m sure of when I stand before God he will be giving me account of my doing not anyone else. To me it’s not as if he repented or forgave anyone because if it is true give them the opportunity to repent, you decided to openly give account that’s your demons you fighting. Oh sorry I’m writing this for D Haddon to read and understand. The word says Everyman has to stand before God for himself. What you have done is sinned and blamed someone else for the cause and effect process. God is not Please!

    • Annetta Williams, I must say I do agree with your question to Mr. Haddon, “…why are you exposing someone else?” Mrs. Brown, I totally agree with your statement in it’s entirety. It seems these days that we cannot call folk to accountability without be labeled judgmental. Clearly, none of us are in position to judge another. That is God’s business, and His alone. However, as Christians, when we see a brother/sister overtaken in a fault (sin), yes, we have a RESPONSIBILITY to pray for them; but we also have a RESPONSIBILITY to call that sin in their life what it is–SIN! We cannot judge the person, but we absolutely can judge the sin). If the brother/sister repents, we are to restore him/her in a spirit of meekness. People, in the words of Ms. Tamela Mann, “Truth is it’s time to stop playing these games. We need a word for the people’s pain.” We live in a lost and dying world, and folk are looking for hope, answers, and more importantly, a Jesus. At the end of the day, we, followers of Christ are called to BE the Christ the world can see. Notice, I said followers, not believers. The demons believe and tremble, and perhaps that is the problem with us. We need to take note from the demons, and tremble. It is as if there is no more fear of the Lord. We Yes, we are imperfect beings, flawed, and subject to fall. But that does not give us license for foolishness. The Scripture tells us, “Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound.” If we continue reading, we are asked this question, “So, should we continue in sin that grace may abound?” Read on for the answer to that question, which is “God forbid!!!” While I realize ministers and other leaders in the body of Christ are human, I also realize there is a special place in hell for preachers, teachers, pastors, evangelists, etc. Time out for the foolishness, Church. We sin, not because we are human, but because we are led away by our lust. Do we not know that when that lust is conceived, it brings forth death. No, we don’t always physically die–at least not right away. But, sin brings forth the death of families, ministries, education, careers, etc. Bottom line, something IS going to die! Christians are known by their fruit, which is outlined in the Scriptures dealing with the fruit of the Spirit. Obviously, some of us left out the fruit of “SELF CONTROL.” #Thatisall

  3. No!!!!! It’s not true that Damita and Isaac slept together. He’s NOT saying that. He did write it rather suspiciously which was strategic on his part, but Isaac was the “cause” apparently through his exposure of Deitrick. Deitrick supposedly covered him 2 years and feels betrayed. Nonetheless, this is private and foolish. Damita is to be commended for remaining silent. He made it seem like she did something so wrong. HE hurt HER and needs to really come clean about the reason they split. Outing someone else because you got caught is nothing short of revenge dusguised as care. He is hurting abd not in his right mind. PRAY for everyone involved. The brother needs to be restored and I pray industry friends reach out. He’s attacking out of emotion not conviction. NOBODY shouldve covered anybody through infidelity! Pray for them all. I believe God can and will heal!!!!!

  4. What we all have to be mindful of is that “He who is without sin let him cast the first stone”. This puts all of us under the standard that God requires of each of us. The Bible teaches clearly that their is no who who is righteous, no one so we must be careful about whose indiscretions are greater or if their is a particular sin greater than another because ALL sin is equal in God’s sight. We missed the mark.

    What Mr. Haddon did may have been out of emotional distress or possibly some other determining factor but it is not up to man to weigh the motives of the heart, that’s Christ’s job not ours. What I do like about his post is that he was implying a sense of accountability which we all need because we are not meant to stand alone in this world because we would not make it. If there is some unconfessed sin that we have in our lives then it must be dealt with because God doesn’t dwell in darkness and in order for Him to step in and clean anything up in our lives, there must be confession and repentance and their’s no way to get around that. No, we can’t justify our actions based on what someone else did but he was transparent about his wrong doing which is Holy and acceptable in God’s sight. Let us learn form this post that we all are in the need of grace and the truth will lift all burdens that we may face.

    Lisa, stay encouraged, when God breaks us, a breakthrough is on the way.

  5. Well said Annetta.

    A fan of both the Haddons, I too am disappointed to find Deitrick slinging mud on Facebook like some SECULAR heathen just to try to salvage his name, career and his musical income since he makes his living from church members and fans who surely are as grieved as I am by the whole sordid business. Wouldn’t going to the elders of the alleged man’s church be the Godly way to handle this instead of this tirade which only point out his own inadequacies as a Christian and pastor.

    While Deitrick advised he has not been in the pulpit for a year, does being repentant also include following the excellent recent example of celibacy set for us by Megan Good and Devon Franklin. (I also practice celibacy for those who wonder)

    I note after 3 months of being divorced, being in a adulterous relationship which resulted in a child being born out of wedlock, that he is still “merely engaged.” Kinda like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who are content to play house.

    Certainly Damita left him with a little change to have a quiet ceremony or a trip to the courthouse. What say ye, purported man of God, Deitrick Haddon? As it is, Deitrick appears to be no different from any other man who can’t keep his pants zipped and will allow the woman to hang around until he deems it time to make an honest women of her. Marriage alone would have done some damage control that he loved and respected his new woman AND his God. .

    Deitrick speaks of the enemy as though he is the only problem. We have met the enemy and it is us! God bless us all.

  6. Everything is a mistake, you don’t take off your clothes and get into bed by mistake, judgement is beginning with the church, we better get SAVED.

  7. Lisa, what you said is so true. There is so much hypocrisy in the world today, and people look on the Church as a rightehous and holy place. If the church world is the same as the sinners world, what help do they have.

  8. The bible says that we live in this world, but we are not of this world. We as christians shouldn’t act like the world does by going on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, or whatever it may be and put everyone on blast. It’s time to get on our faces and cry out to the LORD. It’s time to worship. I just got done watching Deidrick Haddon’s movie and went online to see how long he and Damita have been married and discovered they are divorced. Then I saw this blog and read all the comments. I’m going to be praying for them, because I’ve seen how the enemy will come after you, especially when God has a calling on your life. As I read all of the alleged information about the Haddon’s, I know that the enemy is having a party because another christian marriage has been destroyed. I am going to be praying for christian marriages because they are under attack. The more I hear about crazy stuff like this, the closer I draw to God because I realize that I need Him more and more each day.

  9. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” I do think that it was not Christ like for former Pastor Detrick Haddon to react the way he did. As far as I’m concerned his accusations towards Issac Carre is like the old saying. “Misery likes company” right now Detrick is full of guilt because He knows what he did to his ex-wife Damita was wrong and selfish , and it’s eating him up. true repentance is humbling yourself ,not passing the buck or passing the blame true repentance is saying” God I am sorry and am asking for Your forgiveness, please help through this journey” Malice and backbiting does not come from God.. Get it together Detrick you forget that the devil is like a roaring lying seeking who He can devour, his goal is to Kill, Steal and Destroy (words from Detricks song on Detricks Chain Breaker Album). It seems to me that you are allowing the enemy to use you. Please awake and vigil.stop the mess and let God handle the rest. For anyone out there a word of encouragement.. Focus on God ” He is our True Rolemodel”

  10. wow y’all are really messed up all this committing sins stuff wow and you really think you going to make the rapture no y’all not Damita not dietrick not issacc no y’all just don’t know how angry God is with this wicked worod keep playing with sin thinking god isn’t watching well guess wat! He is it gets me so angry when people fake church be foreal a real spirituAl life a corral praise not A fake on but foreal god wants it all you can’t serve the devil and God is not the author of confusion be foreal dietrick Haddon be foreal Dakota be foreal Isaac this is confusion I can see how dietrick music went from church to just the world if you litsen to music and you feel like you want to bounce or as y’all call it jig dance Worley then you shouldn’t litsen to it and thats what I’m hearing in these so call gospel singers you going to he’ll you’re wrong keep playing with God one day this sky is going to crack and think about will you be raptured or will you be one of those begging wishing you knew God word get your life right sinners God is coming no matter if you’re ready or not he will come like a theif in the night and you will never know if you’re in sin I don’t know about y’all but I want to be saved foreal I’m tired of the fake stuff I want Jesus! I want the real thing the world is not what I’m looking for I wanna be saved foreal!

  11. Mr. Haddon I can sympathize with the situation state above and in all honesty Everyone on the Earth is human I’m not saying that what happened should have happened all I’m saying is your life is your life and what ever happened in your life isn’t ANYONE ELSE’S BUSINESS people are going to judge spread rumors say things that aren’t true all because you aren’t giving them anything to run away with I hate to say it but the Gospel community is no better then the rest infarct church people gossip more then a little bit forgetting that they were once in the world and did things that weren’t right as well I do understand u wanted to set the record straight but nobody beyond the Lord about deserves an explanation to ur life because had u not been in the public eye it would have been swept under the rug like all other non celebrity issues that go on in everyday life YOU HAVE MOVED ON AND STEPPED UP YOUR HAPPINESS IS ALL ANYONE OUTSIDE YOUR HOME NEED TO HEAR ABOUT BECAUSE I BECAME A DEITRICK HADDON FAN WHEN I FIRST BEGAN MY WALK IN CHRIST. As humans we are harder on ourselves then God is u went through the storm got weak but came back strong

  12. God is not surprised by anything anyone of do. We need to understand the processess of Salvation and then we can really see where we need to PRAY for the Body of Christ as a whole. Spirit, Soul & Body. We have to get our minds renewed so that we don’t continue to sin against God. He is the only one we are sinning against not man. Our Spirit man is complete. This Soul & Body is progressively becoming. Pray men and women of God. Pray!!

  13. I respect Deitrick Haddon for coming clean. I respect them all as Gospel artists. There are so many times people forget that we are human. We all had a past and present that has some dark spots before we see the light. Because most Gospel artists are held to a standard and put on a pedestal, people leave no room for mistakes. For we all have sinned and come short of his glory. As a woman, I am not perfect because I am not God and neither are they but we strive for perfection. God is the only judge. So no one should put themselves in judgment by making judgments on them. Let’s move forward and keep them all lifted up in pray. God bless you all.

  14. I do agree with Dietrick when he says”I never dreamed in a million years I would be part of such foolishness”. That is exactly what it is: Foolishness!!! The whole solution to all this foolishness is simply this: People need to be saved and to keep on being saved before going into ministry. The fear of the lord and righteousness must become platforms that ministry is built upon It has to be exercised daily not just repeated like a mantra.. Sitting down for one year and not preaching is not the end of the matter as if to say “I have done my bit”. That is arrogance. There are deeper issues at stake and I believe that the whole gospel community need to go on their faces before God and truly repent. It’s not just adultery. There is homosexuality, greed, jealousy, lies, false worship, going after accolades of men(the numerous awards shows fashioned after babylon’s model) etc. Body of Christ, it’s time to wake up!!!!! And come out of our foolishness!!!! The world is watching us and when they see this foolishnees unfold, they decide they are better off where they are! Not only is the world watching but God is watching and we really don’t want Him to respond like He did in Genesis 6 where He said that He regretted making man. And how did He respond to that? He destroyed all of humanity because continual wickedness was in the heart of man. I speak from a place of brokenness and not from a place of perfection. I am going towards perfection in Him with the constant guidance, encouragement and rebuke of the Holy Spirit but we cannot continue like this. It is too painful.

    • I think everyone is missing the point. What i should have seen in the comments is love and compassion. Noone knows what they will do unil you yourself is faced with this situation. What you do @16 you may not do @ 20. The samething in ministry We have to walk this thing out. This was not the platform to discuss this that and the other. This is where we should have lifted him up in prayer. Lifted everyone in prayer.He has a covering, so we should have sent love and prayer,not judgement. We are Kingdom builders , if we see a brick in the wall cracking and falling apart, we should simply restore it, not tear it down. This is the oppening that the enemy loves to play with. It appears as though some feel as though they have arrived, if not what happen to love? The enemy takes great joy in how we the body of Christ display love. What i saw wriiten was just as bad as the sin, he states he commited, sin is sin. What i saw written was not AGAPE LOVE, This platform should have been filled with prayers.

  15. To whom much is given, much is demanded.. Luke 12″” Everyone is bound to make a mistake but it all comes back to how much humility and submission you lay yourself before the alter of the LORD to admit your mess and get going. Yes, leaders are of course mortal being like every other person, but the things how much are we willing to guard our reputation? Admit our mistakes, surrender our understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

    To all these beloved saints of the LORD, none of you hath not a plank on thy face, none of you hath to throw a stone to the “harlot”, if Jesus cannot persecute n overthrow you to condemnation, why do such to another soul. You are all loved by the LORD the same but you blessings of righteousness are not the same. For each needs to submit, be still and know His God.

    God bless you saints. We love you Damita, Deitrick, Isaac and the new fiancee to Deit. God bless you all once again.

  16. I know we’ve all come short of the glory of God and we shouldn’t make gospel stars our idols; but sometimes it’s sad to see fellow christians hurt one another like this. I heard a preacher once say (not exact quote), “If I see you coming out of the hotel room after an affair, I expect that of you, but if I see Jesus coming out of a hotel room, then my faith and everything I stand for would be discombobulated.” People keep looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith – these things will happen – put your trust in GOD not man – because we can fall from grace because of our humanity. Be encouraged people of God out there. This won’t be the first, nor will it be the last.

  17. District our loves are under from the forces of evil. You need a good PR advise. You were not supposed to nite into any of this controversy. You are a man ofof God gifted to reach souls via music and lyrics whether the situation occurred or not I shouldn’t be reading about this. It finishes your credibility to the public.,You are Gods Messenger so if you shut up the enemy is winning.

    I can handle your damage control vise you because I am a spiritual woman

  18. dear ones in christ, “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” your example on how to live aint these 2, it’s Jesus Christ himself. He will never have double standards. he just wont!

  19. Surly we are in no position to judge because none of us have a heaven or a hell to put people. Therefore we should leave all judging to God alone.. The man had a situation it is enough that it broke up his family it is now our job to restore him through prayer. Amen

  20. I find it hypocritical of Deitrick to blast Isaac for his infidelity when, technically, he was also unfaithful “during the year his divorce was finalized”. And “careless” isn’t even the word for not doing everything possible to ensure protection against pregnancy while he was being unfaithful.

  21. Our job is to love like Christ loves and continues to loves us NO MATTER WHAT! Lets not let the devil get anymore foot hold in this situations, because we are all caught up in this! The World is dying because of sin, and we are losing focus of that when continue to give voice to Deitrick and Issac’s demise. Really pray for all those who have been effected by this situation, and ask God to restore the love and trust in HIM. And let’s be about the Kingdom.

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