Soledad O’Brien Grills GOP Senator Jeff Sessions Over ‘Cutting Food Stamps’ [Video]

Shady republican Senator Jeff Sessions wants to balance the budget by cutting food stamps. 61% of houses in Jeff Sessions state receive assistance from SNAP & Soledad O’Brien calls him out on it.
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Anderson Cooper Slams Star Jones

Anderson Cooper came out of the closet in July in which i thought was a ratings ploy, but i kept my mouth shut. Star Jones had to open her big fat mouth and say the same.

Anderson Cooper is now firing back & letting Star have it…

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Tia Mowry Dissed The “Other” Members Of Destiny’s Child

Tia is so messy, that’s exactly why i like her.

Tia Mowry took to her Instagram page on Sunday & uploaded a picture of her & Tamera with Beyonce & Kelly Rowland.

Latavia & Letoya were called “other members”. Tia knew what she was doing here.


Miguel To Erykah Badu – “I Could Take Your Man”

So Erykah Badu goes on twitter & tweets something really shady about Miguel:

Miguel then goes on twitter to tweet her response:

Miguel girl, Instead of trying to steal other women’s men, try making your relationship with your “girlfriend” more believable to the public.


Joan Rivers Comes For Rihanna On Twitter

Apparently Rihanna’s interview with Oprah didn’t sit to well with Joan Rivers. The 79 year old comedian called the 24 year old Bajan singer an “idiot” for still loving Like Ike Chris Brown.

Take a look at Joan’s Tweet, plus Rihanna’s #Clapback below:

Joan then responded with:


Did Joan go too far? Leave your thoughts