New Movie: ‘Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor’

tyler perry temptation confessions of a marriage

Tyler Perry’s newest drama movie ‘Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor’ stars Vanessa Williams, Jurnee Smollett, Lance Gross, Kim Kardashian & Brandy Norwood.

“It’s about a woman who starts to get restless in her relationship and her choice to be with another man has a huge effect on the rest of her life,” Perry, who wrote, directed and produced the drama, said in a statement. “She goes on a journey -– in her career and in her marriage -– and she ends up in a very different place than she expected.”

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Beyonce To Direct & Star In New HBO Documentary Film

16 Grammys, 4 Consecutive #1 Albums , 95+ Million Records , RIAA Top Certified Artist of the Decade , Billboard Female Artist of the Decade, Billboard Artist of the Millennium , 3-time Golden Globe nominee with 3 #1 Films & now film director can be added to the Queen’s accolades.

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Chris Tucker: “Rush Hour 4 Is Going To Be A Lot Of Fun”

Looks like we’ll be getting another installment in the Rush Hour franchise. Chris Tucker says he’s pretty sure they will make a fourth installment.

According to E! Online:

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Tucker told me the other night at the Silver Linings Playbookscreening in L.A. “I hope it happens. We need to do one more.”

“I just want us to be free and do our thing,” Tucker said. “I love working with Jackie, being around Jackie. Stuff just happens when we’re together.”

Are you excited for another “Rush Hour” movie?

New Movie: ‘A Haunted House’ Starring Marlon Wayons & Essence Atkins

Marlon Wayans has a new movie coming out called “A Haunted House” & from the trailer, this movie looks hilarious!

‘A Haunted House’ is a parody of the popular horror films ‘Paranormal Activity‘.

Check out the preview…


The film hits theaters on January, 11th. I can’t wait to watch! 

Beyonce Quits Clint Eastwood’s ‘A Star Is Born’

Beyonce Knowles - Beyonce Attends The Michelle Obama Fundraiser

Beyonce has dropped out of Clint Eastwood’s film, ‘A Star Is Born’.

Warner Bros. had no comment, but sources said her schedule was already packed and that without a set start date the scheduling became too complicated for the singer.

Studio insiders said that with Knowles now off the project, there has been interest, at least from Eastwood’s end, in jazz musician Esperanza Spaulding. Sources emphasized, though, that until the male lead is locked, no discussions or offers will be out to the female lead.

Bey, you better not be pregnant before a new album comes out…